The Features...

Advertising Free:
EsoSoft will never place any type of advertising on messages to your mailing list. As the list owner, however, you are free to sell advertising space on your mailing list.

No Set-up Fee:
EsoSoft does not charge a set-up fee for our Mailing List Hosting service.

Web Based Administration:
Web based list administration is offered for nearly all tasks, including list configuration, moderation (post approvals), and management of user accounts.

Multiple List Administrators are Possible:
You can designate multiple list administrators with our service. Perfect if you need assistance with the administrative functions of your list.

Web Based Subscribing and Unsubscribing:
Users can subscribe and/or unsubscribe via the web. User configuration management is also standard. Users can temporarily disable their accounts, select digest modes, hide their e-mail addresses from other members, etc.

Customizable Home Page for Your List:
Your mailing list will have its own home page that you can customize to suit your needs. The home page can be used to describe your mailing list, allow visitors to subscribe, etc.

Per List Privacy Features:
Per-list privacy features such as closed-subscriptions, private archives, private membership rosters, etc.

Configurable E-Mail Delivery Modes:
Configurable delivery modes: Regular (immediate) delivery, MIME digest, Plain (RFC 934) digests.

Integrated Bounce Detection and Handling:
Integrated bounce detection and automatic disposition of bouncing addresses (disable, unsubscribe).

Integrated Spam Filters:
In an effort to keep spam away from your mailing list, basic spam filters are included in our mailing list software.

Integrated Auto-Replies:
Auto-Replies can be configured (on-line) for replies to list posters and replies to messages sent to the list administrator and/or owner.

Majordomo-Style E-mail Based Commands:
In addition to the on-line web interface for your mailing list, our mailing list software also accepts commands via e-mail.

Digest and Archives:
You can create the type of mailing list you need by turning on and/or off the digest feature and web based archives feature via your administrator's web interface.

Complete List Management Documentation:
Help with your mailing list is always close at hand, both at our web site and through personal assistance via e-mail. Please see the complete documentation for Mailman list owners at:


Commercial Use is Allowed:
Many EsoSoft customers use their mailing lists for commercial purposes. You can, too!

Ultra-fast fiber-optic (OC3) connections:
Traffic to and from your mailing list travels over our redundant, ultra-fast, fiber-optic connections.

Free Unlimited E-Mail Support:
EsoSoft has an excellent Service & Support Team! Only real people answer inquiries at EsoSoft. This ensures that customers receive personal and step by step assistance. At EsoSoft, all of our terrific support is provided free of charge and handled conveniently via e-mail.